Monday, April 24, 2006

Click Fraud... Just another stupid idea that means nothing.

Ok, I am not a marketing guru by any means, but would someone please explain to me what the difference between click fraud and marketing as ususal is? I mean The Yellow pages takes my money and I get nothing in return. I buy a large print add. I do not pay by the clicks, but by what they tell me is the demographics and the size of the reader/user ship. Then they print out several thousand books that never get delivered. I pay for those as well. Then even though money was spent in the development of an ad that should work. I recieve only 1 call a month. So now I as a consumer of Yellow pages ads am upset. Their book doesn't provide me with the call through rates I want. I claim it doesn't work... and I claim that the Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, Dex etc. fraudulently took my money. Yeah right. Or we take a radio/tv ad and break it down that we pay for so many impressions and yet we get no return of investment, let alone on investment. Does that mean that no one actually got the message, or could it simply be that after clicking on your add in adsense what you said was on the other side simply was not what a consumer was looking for. Either the timing wasn't right or what have you. I am not saying that there is not fraud, I am simply pointing out that fraud in the marketing arena is par for the course and should merely be factored into your overall plan for acquisition of a customer, and the complaining and suing of companies who are legitimately creating arena's for your message to be heard.
Stop frivolously taking 90 million dollars from companies who you feel did you wrong. It is not google's fault, it is not any ad agencies fault that people are out there trying to get as much as they can from programs that are provided.
If you really want to stop click fraud, change to buy through type advertising. I am sure you will find it to be much easier to get people to buy from your website.


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