Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The humble popsicle.

Have you ever noticed that with all the wonderful new innovations in the world that the popsicle has not yet taken on a geekness about it. No one has hacked the popsicle. Sure we have a fudgesicle, and sure there are those star pops. But all of that innovation and taste really stopped changing several... eons ago. Well I am here to tell you that popsicles need a new face. Frozen treats will never be the same. Sure there is flavor, but there is also coolness of design.
There are those pops in a bag that litter the swimming pool side. There are the one and two stick variety all in a straight line with nothing too exciting about them. Where is the wonder the amazement of it all. How about a frozen treat with the head of Herman Munster? How about a Penguin Pop? There are many other varieties to choose from, but do we ever get such innovation at the grocers freezer? Nah, we get Neapolitan eggs. We buy Kemps fruit and yougurt in the same old familiar flattened cylindar. Something has got to change. We have got to standup for the frozen treat. We need a shape and a flavor that makes our senses remember just how novel a popsicle was when we were kids. I am talking about an ice sculpture on a stick with pizzaz. Think about it a whole new Geeksicle for your joy and entertainment. New shapes and sizes arriving monthly.


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